Return to Neverwinter

Session Four: Long Live the King
An unfamiliar face

Coming Soon…

Session Three: The Strongest Drink
Not your average shopping trip

A Change of Heart

The Neverwinter Nine get a quest from Gundren Rockseeker, that heard of an iron flask that sold for hundreds of thousands of gold pieces on auction – in Evernight, the Shadowfell reflection of Neverwinter.

The party must cross to the Shadowfell via a shadow crossing in the Seven Suns Coster basement, and infiltrate Evernight. There, they must find Gundren’s contact, a vampire named Cael Huffiers, who lives in a manor on the Black Mound.

Gauntylgrim characters receive a secret mission: to find out what happened to a missing member of Morada Toppolino: Freddilo Gurkees, a ghost wise halfling.

Welcome to Evernight

Reaching Evernight, the party can tour the city, but learn that they lack a Visitor’s token that will give them safe passage on Evernight’s streets.

They are accosted by a Vampire leading a pack of lesser undead – learning that they lack a Visitor’s token that will give them safe passage on Evernight’s streets.

The party visit’s Cael Huffier’s manor, to find him missing: He is attending the Black Mass at the Temple of Filth.

Reaching the Temple of Filth, the party sneaks past an outer guard, and speak with Cael in the back rows of the Mass. He mentions that the iron flask was purchased by someone at the Corpse Market, but it’s not yet left the city. His business partner in the market knows more – Sanjos Irridan, the Vampire Surgeon.

Upon leaving the Temple of Filth, the party is confronted by a group of Thayans on the steps. The party fights them there on the steps.

The Corpse Market

In the Corpse Market, the party has time to explore, eventually meeting with Sanjos Irridan, the Vampire Surgeon. Sanjos closes down his shop and tells the party that a Red Dragon, Harastlargansaxis, purchased the iron flask and is leaving the city with it this very day. His coster, the Crimson Shadow, is leaving for the Shadowfell Road via the Southeast gate, past the Demon Pits.

Caveat Emptor

The party races to the Caravansery near the Southeast to see wagons loaded by Duergar. At the conclusion of the fight, Harastlargansaxis lands atop a tower, attacking the party. At the end of the fight, the dragon unleashes the contents of his iron flask, implicating the Fire Giant King Sonru.

Session Two: Separation
Sometimes different isn't better

The Silent Forge

The party receives the main quest from Bruenor Battlehammer at the Forge of Gauntlgrym. After gathering clues, the party goes in search of the drow that stole Maegra, the Dawn Titan.


Following the trail through the Underdark, the party reaches a steep descent cragged with stalactites and stalagmites. A roper attack ensues, at the end of which the party is ambushed by drow warriors. At the conclusion of the fight, the drow stand down.


The party meets the leader of the encampment, Egrophon Fey-Branche. Spending a few hours in the settlement, the party discovers that the idyllic settlement, Virrim Dreman, is based on the subjugation of its female members.

A drow serving girl, Xylie, explains that the women are planning to overthrow the evil drow wizards, and that she overheard that the warrior Reezara knows of the attack on Gauntlgrym, and is in the barracks.

Reezara was part of the attack on Gauntlgrym, and knows that the leader of this drow enclave orchestrated Maegra’s capture. One of the slave drow in the pleasure pens has access to the Eye’s inner sanctum.


The party meets Reezara in the pleasure pens. She draws a map to the Eye’s sanctum. When reaching the sanctum, the party is confronted by Egrophon and Xyliev, who warn off confronting The Eye, the leader of Virrim Dreman, who is a Demilich.


The party destroy The Eye, and tell the Dwarves of Gauntlgrym of Virrim Dreman’s location and history. All vestiges of Oerth are cleansed from the compound.

Session One: Flame of the Pit
To save the city, the Neverwinter Nine must go through hell

After the Feast has Ended

The Neverwinter Nine get a chance to meet and mingle at a feast arranged by Dagult Neverember at the former Vellguard Manor. Characters get a chance to meet the faction leaders. At this meeting, a cataclysm at Mount Hotenow is seen, then one of the servants reveals that he is Ashmadai, and threatens the group with a Devastation Orb. Other Ashmadai reveal themselves. In the ensuing fight, it is revealed that there is one more orb that will destroy the city.

At the Dead Devil Inn

At the Dead Devil Inn, Harper Windle brings terrible news – Mordai Vell is the only one who knows the location of the final Devastation Orb, and he is imprisoned in Nessus, in Malsheem, the Citadel of Hell. The Party gains all the information that they can, then devises a way to get to Malsheem themselves, or else Windle has a way.

The Everember Fane

When the Nine reach Malsheem, they travel through a vertical dungeon to explore the halls of Malsheem, eventually finding the Pit of Count Velristar. When they arrive, Mordai Vell is tortured along with other Warlocks pacted to Velristar. The party agrees to destroy Count Velristar in exchange for information related to the final Ashmadai in the city.
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